Bighead Moon Stories by Peter Thorpe
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Imperial Earth
Bighead Moon Stories are in the tradition of classic hard science fiction.
Mars Landing
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UFOs Over Woodstock
Upcoming stories: UFOs Over Woodstock, The Girl with the Yin Yang Belly Button, Fan the Ember Moon.
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Bighead City, Luna
Bighead Moon Stories
Oh God, Let Us Be Lettuce
Jack Turner, who scans artifacts at a Lunar museum devoted to saving historic pieces of cultural heritage from Earth, finds a 'photograph' in the bottom of an ancient Jewish stone water jar that could depict, and prove, the miracle ability of the prophet Jesus.

That That
Aleksandr Leonov purchases a lunar cargo carrier after joining his family's transport business. He finds a deal on a well-appointed recently used craft but it has one catch - it comes with a cat.

The Haver and the Holder
Gina, a runaway teen with a murky past, was looking to make some fast money in the communal baths on A Hall in Bighead City. It was her good fortune to meet Pavlov Jones, a man almost twice her age who had a few secrets of his own.

Luna has a variety of restrictions on immigration, including old age. No new colonists over 50. But Jason Silver, an ageing Slamtronic musician and legend, finds a unique, if extreme, way to fulfill his lifelong dream of moving to the Moon

Let's Turn Off the Sun and See What Happens
Telepathic twins, born into poverty deep in the tunnels of Bighead City, Luna, find that their differences, however important to them, do not matter once they are given the job of sending their thoughts through the Sun from stations on Luna and Mercury.

In the Skin
Peter Thorpe's poem, In the Skin, appears in the Fall 2008 edition of The Cosmos Review, a site devoted to Space Poetry by Vanna Bonta, a novelist, poet and actress who invented the Quantum Fiction genre of science fiction.

Neon Rhymes with Changing Times
Neon Rhymes, a cis-lunar artist, travels to Hyojoto, a port hub of Hiten City at the Moon's South Pole, and then into Lunar orbit, to complete a commission for an old roommate from her art school days.

Peoples' Moon
Danlyle Peoples, on an anniversary trip to the Moon with his wife Paile, finds that a secret visit to the cave of Luna's "Sex Goddess", Rodenka Carvala, for marital advice, gets him a bit more insight than he bargained for.

Just Add Water
Following a breach of several surface domes, Jon Godwin records events as he and Sindara Karmanda make their way down to the lowest halls of Luna's Bighead City. The short story Just Add Water can also be found on, Dag Rambraut's site devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy authors and fandom, originating from Melhus, Norway.

Pave the Universe
Amy and Yancy, two workers at the Farms complex in Luna's Bighead City, love to argue about politics. Well, at least Yancy does. But Amy finds out just how important, and deadly, politics are to Yancy when they get caught in a cave-in just below the city's port. Pave the Universe is also on

Bighead Moon
Bam Lyle, a teen from Earth, is kidnapped on the Moon by her famous, but estranged, ancestor, Dee Anderson, who wishes to groom Bam to succeed her in the administration of the deep Lunar habitat, the Teardrop. The first five chapters of this novella are presented here.
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