Bighead Moon Stories
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Imperial Earth
Bighead Moon Stories are in the tradition of classic hard science fiction.
Rocket # 57
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Bighead City, Luna
Bighead City, Lunar North Pole
In the Skin
A Bighead Moon Poem
text and illustration © 2008 - 2020 Peter Thorpe

I am an atom
an atom of flesh
between two of stone
at home in the molecule

I float walk and bounce
and dance in this house
gravity is good to me

I am this thing
this thing that I made
by coming here
on purpose

To move through a vein
in the skin
of the Moon

In the Skin also appears in the Fall 2008 edition of The Cosmos Review, a site devoted to Space Poetry by Vanna Bonta, a novelist, poet and actress who invented the Quantum Fiction genre of science fiction.
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